Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Screws for Christmas?

Yes, I found this box of screws gift wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning; a practical and thoughtful gift from my practical and thoughtful husband.

So what can I do with a box of screws?
Texture clay?

Make a stamp (see previous post?)

They would make cute little legs for altered cigar boxes.

As a mixed media artist wanna-be, it would be a useful gift all by itself, but there was more. Attached to the box of screws was this note:

Did I mention I had a thoughtful husband? A project we have discussed (okay maybe I have discussed) for some time is making it up the Handy Randy project list!

I am so excited! Thank you, God, for the torrential rains this past year and for allowing roots to grow in the storm sewer line.  With the flooded basement came a need to redo drywall, so the ever practical Handy Randy, decided he might as well upgrade my studio while he is replacing dry wall.
As I said, I have been planning the make-over for a while; here are some of my thoughts:
A rack for my stamps on this wall, a full length counter top for card making and paper crafts, shelves and bins under the counter for papers, etc. (know anyone who could use an old but functional range?)
Along this wall, a counter top with space underneath for the plastic rolling storage carts (I have eight.) Maybe a rack for paints? I so want to get back into polymer clay, this could be the spot!
Definitely a built in desk and counter for the tech center.


With the upgrade, the folding table Handy Randy built several years ago for folding clothes and wrapping gifts could return to its intended purpose!

Want to see the new studio progress? (Handy Randy is amazingly creative!) Put your email in the spot on the left to receive updates in your inbox, follow me on Bloglovin or on Facebook.

Fellow crafters, have suggestions? Please comment below, I value your input!

Oh yeah, I also got a new desk chair for Christmas. Did I mention I have a practical husband?



  1. when your handy-Randy list runs out, let me put my name on the top of list!!! (I know better than to make a list for you-know-who!!!)

  2. Hmmm.....should we instigate a little competition? Somehow I don't that would work with YKW and HR!!!!