Saturday, July 18, 2015

Catching Up

So, where were we? Oh, yeah, the last post was about prayer flags (has it really been 2 ½ months since my last post!!!)
A lot is happening in and around The Underground; we are in transition. HR will retire in two weeks!
HR's count down board in front of our house. 

We bought a small RV and have plans to travel! So I had to give up my gig at Ephemera PaducahL

I have made a couple things to make our home away from home a bit more comfortable.
Decoupaged box to hold cosmetics.

A sleeve for HR's cell phone.

I have several other ideas just waiting to be hatched.

I need some projects to take on the road, so I got out my embroidery threads and hoops. Since it has been awhile, I am practicing on prayer flags. This one is for my church which is also in transition as our pastor for the past 25 years retired in the spring. My wish is a gentle breeze will bring synergy to the search committee and the congregation.

With one of my soul friends, I have started a Bible Art Journal.  I just started mine a couple of days ago, so there isn’t anything worth showing, but here is a link to hers. I have kept a prayer journal for several years; my plan is to take a theme from my daily prayer, find a Bible verse that addresses it and make an artsy entry in the Bible Journal.

A great deal of my summer has been spent in the garden; while not exactly pristine, it does look presentable. I am finishing my tenure as the Public Relations Officer of our local Master Gardener Association, but have been coerced into keeping the blog updated. We have taken a couple of trips to practice retirement. We had a flash flood a couple of weeks ago, so there was a bit of clean-up in the studio. Nothing was damaged as this is not an unusual occurrence. We know to keep everything either in a plastic container or at least 6-inches off the floor.

I think this catches us up. When on the road I will probably not have much to share about crafting.  I do have a lot of projects in the planning stage for when I am home (HR will be doing the grocery shopping and mowing (Yeah!) so I can spend more time in The Underground!.