Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tipsy Tuesday Flag

Another Tipsy Tuesday flag is in the mail! This one is en route to Buena Vista, Colorado. It will join flags in Montana, North Carolina and Kentucky in bringing friends and neighbors together, one glass at a time.

Stenciled with craft paint on burlap. Stencil  was made with Silhouette Portrait.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nature Theme Prayer Flags

What does one do when a Prayer Flag Swap is cancelled? Finish the flags and hang them in the breeze, of course! One of the reasons I like doing prayer flags is to experiment with various techniques and products without concern of perfection. Since I will not be swapping with other artist, the pressure is off and I can just have fun. (But I will miss receiving truly beautiful art from others in the swap.)

Having bought a new printer for the RV and knowing I would be creating while traveling, I chose to experiment with printing on fabric for this project. This sweet little Epson WF-100 is not much larger than a book.

(I prefer Epson printers for fabric printing as they use the Dura Brite ink that doesn’t smear and is pretty much water proof.)

Usually I adhere fabric to either heavy duty freezer paper or to the sticky side of a full size mailing label (my preferred method) before sending it through the printer. Since we were traveling in a small RV I needed to limit my supplies so I took along June Taylor Fabric Sheets for ink jet printers.

Using photos from our winter trip, I cropped and sized them in Photoshop Elements and printed them on the fabric sheets. It was a long drive across the country, so I embellished with embroidery as I rode along (no, I don’t drive The Wanderer.) When I arrived home, I stitched a casing and added eyelash trim. 

The printer performed perfectly, no jamming or ink smears.

Fabric pens travel nicely (aren’t messy like fabric paint ;) I used Tulip Fabric Pens  to paint on drop cloth (which is becoming a favorite canvas.) Adding buttons, beads and a couple little butterflies, it is quite a cheerful little flag.

Now that I am back in The Underground, I have choices. My plan is to finish those projects I have started before I began something new. With a head full of ideas and a wide selection of supplies, I bet that doesn’t happen.  And now I hear my garden calling…..and I must go.