Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags Hanging in my Garden

I am not a quilter or seamstress, but I love fabric. My mother was a seamstress which meant I spent a lot of time in fabric shops as a child. Prayer flags allow me to experiment with fabric and techniques without the stress of being critiqued.  The remnant bins at Hobby Lobby and Hancock's of Paducah provide me with unlimited stash of pretty fabrics. I look for buttons, jewelry, lace, etc. at yard sales. I have my mother's button box and try to put some of her buttons on flags I make for my family. Since the flags are hanging outdoors and will fade and deteriorate, not much attention is given to craftsmanship. Most of my flags have unfinished edges.

Photo printed on June Taylor Sew-In Fabric Sheets using Epson WF-100 printer. Hand embroidery.

Photo of hiking trail printed on June Taylor Sew-In Fabric sheets using Epson WF-100 printer. Quote hand embroidered.

Free hand painted flowers with beads and butterfly sequins on drop cloth.

Photo printed on white cotton fabric using Epson WF-3520 printer. Words embroidered.
November 2017 

Praying for an answer as to what to do with this quaint old house located on our church property. Designed in Photoshop Elements, printed on June Taylor Printable Fabric using Epson WF-100 printer.
December 2017 

January 20, 2017

"My One Word" 2017

For friends that retired and moved to North Carolina

For a friend as she recovers from a serious surgery. 

For the retirement of two music and film enthusiast  

For a young friend on her confirmation. Text is from her Faith Statement
For a young friend on his Confirmation, text is from his Faith Statement.

For my daughter-in-law and granddaughters wishing them happiness in their new home.
For my brother as he begins chemotherapy.

For a friend that is starting a new era and recently moved into a new home.
Card sent to friend with picture of flag and a note written inside.

Free hand drawing and embroidery.

For my friend upon the opening of her working studio.

When I make a flag for a friend or family member, I like to take a photo, put it on a card, write a message and send it to them. Often when they visit they want to see "their flag."

My first prayer flag, made for my daughter-in-law the first Mother's Day as a widow.

Stenciled and stamped on muslin.

For my grand-dog upon learning she had terminal cancer.

Leaves are made from polymer clay

Photo of zinnia in my garden, printed on muslin.

Made for my great-niece when she became engaged. The photo was printed on the computer, using color fast ink, DuraBrite in an Epson printer. After nearly a year in the elements the image is still there.

Stenciled with outdoor craft paint on burlap.
For my granddaughter as she entered high school.

For a new great-great niece.

Yes, I leave them out year-round.