Friday, October 30, 2015

Greetings from the Road

If you remember, in my last post we were almost retired and were making plans to do some extensive travel in our RV. It has happened!  Handy Randy has officially retired and we have been away from home for over 2 months. Although I am enjoying every minute of it, I do miss not being able to run to the studio and try a new technique that I read about on the many blogs I follow. Even so, I have been able to quench my thirst to create.

So, did I actually do the embroidering for which I had planned? Yep, mostly while HR is driving or watching baseball. Here is what I have done so far on the Dropcloth Sampler purchased at Ephemera Paducah in preparation for our trip. (Please don’t look too closely at the stitching.) 

I continue to make entries in my Bible Journal, but not as often as I had imagined. 

Encouraged to keep a travel journal, I have started one but sadly I am pretty far behind.  It is a bit of an effort to get out pencils, pens, gesso and glue to work a little and put it away to make space on the table for food.

I have done a little tangling.

Missing the classes at Paducah School of Art and Design, I am taking an online hand drawing class; in addition to practicing in a sketchbook I did this charcoal drawing and have another one on the easel. (Handy Randy gave me an awesome travel easel for my birthday, such a thoughtful guy!)

Don't you know it, I have added another interest for my every expanding AADD. While visiting relatives in Kansas, I was gifted a 1953 Singer Featherweight sewing machine that once belonged to HR’s grandmother. It is a sweet machine that stills sews beautifully. To be honest, I was not familiar with the Featherweight and was surprised to find it is such a coveted treasure. I have discovered there is a Facebook page Singer Featherweight 221&222 Sewing Machine. Also I found a lot of information on April’s 1930 Featherweight web site. Can’t wait to get home and actually make something with it!

So this catches you up for now. We plan to be home in about 10 days. I am making a list of things I have read about and want to try once I get back to The Underground. Next week I will share some free tutorials and downloads I have come across.

Oh, if you are REALLY curious about where we have been and what we have done these past two months, you can check out our blog for family and friends at