Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prayer Flags in my Garden

Intrigued by an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine in 2012, I began making prayer flags.

Recently I have been asked to assist a couple of garden clubs in making prayer flags and have had a couple of phone call inquiring about the ones hanging in my garden. It seems like a good time to share my prayer flags with you.

Inspired by the Buddhist prayer flags seen flying on the mountain sides in Tibet, Vivika Hansen DeNegre started the Prayer Flag Project. Unlike the Tibetan flags with prayers written on them and each of five colors representing the elements, fire, water, wind, space and earth, the flags of the Prayer Flag Project are created by artists using their own techniques and designs. They are made quickly and are made to hang outside. There are no rules. It is really simple to participate. According to the web site all one needs to do is:

"Make a flag and hang it... take a photo. (Here are some tutorials on how to make the flag.)
2. Post it to our
Flickr group or skip to step 3.
3. Email
with image(s) of your flag and include the meaning, your name, and a link to your website or blog if you have one. We will post it on this blog.
4. "Follow" this blog.
Together we can make a difference in the world as our prayers are flown and shared with others... Join us!"

Much has surfaced about prayer flags and The Prayer Flag Project on various blogs recently; I especially like Michele Bilyeu’s post yesterday on her quilting blog With Heart and Hands. She explains how she makes her very unique and pretty prayer flags and also prayer flag pillows. Her flags hang from an outdoor prayer arch. She has attempted to hang them from a tree and shows an entertaining video of the squirrels untying them. Michele shares an in-depth explanation about prayer flags and what they mean to her. 

I have made probably 2 dozen flags but have not sent photos to the Prayer Flag Project (it’s the “underground thing.”) When I hang the flag, I take a photo, put it on a card and send it to the person with a message that says something like “I made a prayer flag for you and hung it in my garden. It is my hope a gentle breeze will bring my wishes of strength (comfort, happiness, healing, etc.) to you.”

I make them to express my wishes for  


Or whatever wish I may have for a friend or family member.

Since the flags hang out in the elements, I don’t get too concerned with craftsmanship.I like that I can do some experimenting with different materials and techniques.

 When I am in the garden and I look at the flags, I remember my family and friends. Sometimes it reminds me to send an email or note. And yes, I leave them out year round.

 Click here to see more photos of my prayer flags.

Friday, February 14, 2014

I have a follower!

Whooo hooo, I have a follower! So now I must be more consistent in posting.
I have been spending a lot of time in The Underground these past couple of weeks, but not doing anything I think you would find very exciting.
While Handy Randy has been in his shop building the bases for the paper crafting counter, I have painted the walls

and created a few decorative elements.

Jazzed up the light switch plate,

painted the bulletin/chalk board,

added a little design to the thumb tacks and

created some rock magnets inspired by Alisa Burke.

 Mostly I have been drawing. My drawing instructor at the Paducah School of Art and Design expects us to draw a lot! I must say, I am totally enjoying the class. Drawing takes me totally out of the present and into a zone of my own. I may go to the studio in the early afternoon intending to draw for an hour or so and the next thing for which I am aware is HR coming in the door. It is 4:00 or later! I must remember to set an alarm!

Oh, yeah, I also made some valentines!