Friday, February 27, 2015

Cards, cards and more cards!

February provided many opportunities for hanging out in the underground, making cards.

Of course there were Valentines to be made:

I used a template from the Silhouette store to make this one.

The sentiment is a stamp; it is attached to patterned cardstock.
This is not a traditional valentine, but one I made for my husband. The RV is a Silhouette “print and cut” from a photo of our recently purchased RV. I also did a cut from chipboard and glued the printed and cut image to it. The sentiment, Oh the places we will go, is cut from an old dictionary. 

Birds are cut from patterned paper using the Silhouette Portrait.

Love the intricate cut of the bird cage, also from Silhouette.

A birthday cutout from the Silhouette store; the contrast doesn't show as well in the photo.
One more card to make for February! Must get busy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Studio Upgrade Progressing!

Crafting in The Underground has nearly come to a halt as work progresses on the update. I have cleared the counter space enough to make some cards which I will show you later this week.

I wanted to share with you this neat slatwall designed by HR (Handy Randy.)

He will make custom shelves, bins, boxes or whatever I think I need to store my paints, tools, mediums, pens, etc.

A cleat, like this one, will be attached which will allow me to move them around on the wall as my needs change; a big plus for someone with AADD! 

After spending the afternoon painting, the slatwall is now a soft yellow. Soon the entire studio will be ready for “show and tell!”

By the way, premade slatwall systems that use metal hooks are available, but HR thinks they are not as sturdy or as flexible. I think the wood cleats will look classier than the metal hooks.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still crafting?

No, I have not been locked in The Underground.
No, I have not abandoned my arts and crafts passion (Although with AADD that could happen, I guess.) 
No, I have not created a master piece and retreated to a secluded island. 

I have been in and out of The Underground, jumping from one project to another as I try to focus on sorting and packing up one side of the studio. (HR is ready to finish the studio update!!!!) With AADD, it is so easy to be distracted as I discover supplies I forgot I owned and half-finished projects.

I have done a little work on the stairwell;

have started on the risers, not sure where or if this is going;

Assignment: Use conte' to draw two things that do not go together.

turned in my first drawing assignment of the semester (I really do not like assigned drawing) 

have done a couple of pages in the Live Richly art journal

It is about the process, right?
and took two road trips to watch/hear our granddaughter in  band concerts. On these trips I did some Zentangle and practice some lettering techniques from last month’s Mixed Media Club.

I brought home a rock tumbler (a one of those it-sounded- good- at- the- time gifts for the granddaughters. I think the noise didn’t go over well with their mom.) I want to give it a try with polishing polymer clay beads. If you don’t hear from me for another few weeks, it could be I had to leave the neighborhood; or it could be I was distracted again.