Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Studio Upgrade Progressing!

Crafting in The Underground has nearly come to a halt as work progresses on the update. I have cleared the counter space enough to make some cards which I will show you later this week.

I wanted to share with you this neat slatwall designed by HR (Handy Randy.)

He will make custom shelves, bins, boxes or whatever I think I need to store my paints, tools, mediums, pens, etc.

A cleat, like this one, will be attached which will allow me to move them around on the wall as my needs change; a big plus for someone with AADD! 

After spending the afternoon painting, the slatwall is now a soft yellow. Soon the entire studio will be ready for “show and tell!”

By the way, premade slatwall systems that use metal hooks are available, but HR thinks they are not as sturdy or as flexible. I think the wood cleats will look classier than the metal hooks.


  1. Do you think that HR would be willing to share his process for creating the slat wall and those wonderful hanging boxes?? It would be most appreciated, then maybe my DM (dear man) would be able to do something similar for me. Thanks so much. I love your blog! xoxo

  2. Awesome. What a great hubby you have. Can't wait to the finished studio.

  3. Sure, Dottie, HR will be happy to share his process. We will wait until it is completed so he will have a better visual. Thank you for reading the blog!