Friday, August 29, 2014

AADD in Overdrive

It’s been one of those funky weeks in The Underground. My muse has been all over the place! I hope some of you can relate as I don’t want to feel like my AADD is weird or worse yet a sign of dementia!
Early in the week I finished these little doorknob signs to hang so drop-in friends will know where to find me. I do love the surprise of drop-ins!

I made a thank you note for a friend and boxed up my final shipment of cards for Operation Write Home. With the troop draw down in Afghanistan they currently don’t have the need for a lot of cards. If and when the need arises again, I will happily make more cards.
Polymer clay has been calling me recently. I did an amount of clay play several years ago but it was put on hold for a couple of years (okay maybe 4-5 years) while I took care of my dad. He passed away a couple of years ago and I am just now returning to it.
I sorted through my stash to see what I had and was surprised at how well the clay has held up. I just had to get my hands in it, so I made a few beads. I also subscribed to Cindy Lietz BeginnerClay Class. Hope to view the tutorials this weekend.

I got to shop-sit at EphemeraPaducah on Wednesday and spent some time making soda can butterflies. I am not real happy with them so no photos, I but see promise.

Once again I am taking a drawing class at the Paducah Schoolof Art and Design; okay it is the same drawing class I took in the spring. It’s a pretty sweet deal once one reaches a certain age. I no longer have to pay tuition; I am auditing so I don’t have to show up every day and I don’t have to do the assignments. Since I am repeating the class I took in the spring, I have done the assignments once, and don’t feel the pressure to do the sketch book and feel it is okay to miss occasionally. Still I get to go and draw and have critique.

The best part of the week was today. A friend who used to do a lot of crafting has decided to hang it up in order to spend more time developing her music. Guess who she is gifting her craft supplies to? Yes, me! How did I get so lucky?? Today she dropped off Christmas in August #2; bags of beautiful papers, stamps, ink pads, punches, beads and more. Last week she brought over a couple of bags of papers, a stack of Summerset Studio Magazines (ones I did not own) and some beautiful Pearl Ex Pigments. Did I mention Tracy Badger is a wonderful singer and song writer? You can hear her most Friday nights at Shandees in Paducah. Trust me you won’t be sorry!

Don't you love the mask? Will definetly have to decorate it before Halloween!
Now I must 

and use some of my new stamps and papers!  Or maybe I should put away my clay tools or start my shoe drawing, oh, yea, I have been wanting to try the popsicle bracelet.........




Monday, August 18, 2014

A Visit to Marina Petina

Not only did I come above ground last week, but went to the West Coast for a little fun, relaxation and renewal. While wondering around the American Tin Cannery shopping/dining center in Monterey, CA, I found the most wonderful little shop called Marina Patina


The name alone grabbed my attention. As stated on the shop’s website, it “offers one-of-a-kind re-purposed furniture, handmade clothing and jewelry, paintings, and household decorative items.” Most of the items are handmade by the owner or are on consignment. The owner, Kristen, told me she buys storage lockers at auction, takes them to her warehouse where she sorts, keeping the things she can repurpose, and donates the useable items she can’t use. What fun!
I came away inspired and with some charms, a bracelet, key chain and this sweet top from NaturalLife. So soft and comfy!


Visit her blog and Facebook page to see what I am talking about. If you are in the area, stop by and tell her Chris from Paducah said “hi.”