Friday, December 20, 2013

My Newest Toy!

Recently I received a gift card as an appreciation for 15 years of service at the hospital where I work. Contemplating total retirement in the near future, I thought I should spend it on something for my studio. But what? So many things on my “want list!”

Ta da…………


Why the Silhouette and not one of the other die cutting machines like Circuit or Sizzix? Mostly because it does not use cartridges, saving valuable storage space as well as money.  The Silhouette stores images on the computer and connects to the computer for cutting. Images from the Silhouette Online Store can be loaded to the program with a click. Most downloads are 99 cents, compared to cartridges costing around $20. Plus the Print and Cut feature will allow me to cut texts and images (like the ones from my digital scrapbook folder) already on my computer. The Silhouette is recommended by Scrapgirls (a digital scrapbook site I have used for years). They have a lot of tutorials for the Silhouette on their blog. I also liked the review I saw on Craft Test Dummies.
There are two cons I should mention, it does not have an embossing feature and there is a pretty steep learning curve (so happy I have live-in tech support.)
I have played with it only briefly, but I think she will be an awesome companion in my retirement!  Here are a few of the things I have cut.

Gift tags from Scrapgirls

Embellishments also from Scrapgirls

Card using embellishments from Scrapgirls
You will be hearing more about the Silhouette Portrait as I explore and find new ways to use it. Now if I could only figure out how to photo my projects without having the blue and red tints!


  1. WAYYYYYYYY too techie for me....give me string and sticks and I'm happy!!!