Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Martha Stewart Scoring Board

I bought the Martha Steward Scoring Board and Envelope Maker on a whim while browsing at a JoAnn’s store. I really didn’t think I needed it, but it was 50% off, priced at around $15. How could I pass up such a deal? (I am, as you have probably guessed, all about tools and process.) Later I realized it sells for $12.23 at Amazon and is $19.99 at Hobby Lobby (less with coupon.)

Using the enclosed instructions, I made an envelope and a couple of boxes (out of cardstock.) I am giving Zentangle ornaments for Christmas gifts and was able to make boxes just the right size. I found instructions on Pintrest for making gift bags; credit goes to Dee Dee Beckford. I did find the paper would tear while scoring if I pressed too hard.


There are a lot of videos on the internet, especially on Pintrest, for making the pretty rosettes.  (Yes, I made this one.)


So it wasn’t a super good deal, but it is a quality tool and I am glad I bought it.

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