Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Works in Progress

Welcome to the very first post on Crafting from the Underground!

Since the motive for starting this blog is to acknowledge I have AADD, and to bring my crafting above ground, I will share some in the works projects currently in my basement studio.

This gourd bird needed a little rework on his beak, now is waiting for some paint touch-up.

This garden flag needs something else; any suggestions?
I created this cute little box in a recent Kristin Powers class at Ephemera Paducah. Covering the inside and a little paint touch up, it will be finished.
All this decoupage bracelet needs is a final coat of gel medium.
Experimenting with tangles and watercolor.
The start of a journal cover.
This will be a box to house the journals.
These are only a few of my unfinished projects. I used to think not finishing a project before starting another one was a discipline issue. As I talk with other crafters, I realize it is very common among creative folks. I now choose to think of it as part of my creative personality.



  1. I think the flag needs some embroidery....big, bold, embroidery!!! and maybe some beads, and maybe some bobbles/pompoms!!!! (can you tell, you're talking to a knitter??)
    I surely hope you have more UFOs.....as kindred spirits, I know you must have at least another dozen or so (like me!) :)

  2. I like your idea, Steph! Now to decide what to embroider..........words, tangles, maybe both?

  3. I love the green box! You always need to have several projects in the works, you never know what you will be in the mood to work on!