Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What have I gotten myself into??????

I was invited to apply to the RubberMoon Creative Design Team, and my application accepted!!!! They will provide me with some of their really cute, adorable stamps to use in my projects, which I will share on the RubberMoon Blog as well as here in The Underground.

While I am extremely excited to be included on the design team, I must admit, I am a wee bit intimidated. You see, the other team members are very accomplished artists. Now we all know, I am a crafter and just recently stuck my head out from the underground. As this blog description states, I am more about the process than the project. Oh my!!!! I am on a design team?

 Okay, (deep breath…...) worst case scenario, I will embarrass myself greatly. On the other hand, I can’t help but gain inspiration from the talented artists on the RubberMoon Creative Design Team. It is truly worth your time to check out their websites and blogs in the left side bar.

 My new stamps came yesterday, I am heading to the studio to play!!!


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  1. We don't doubt that you will do a wonderful job!! So happy to have you joining us and cannot wait to see your process and results!