Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Week in The Underground

A great deal of time was spent in The Underground this week; very little time was spent creating.

As you may have noticed, I have tweaked the blog a bit, getting ready for the RubberMoon Creative Design Team adventure. You can now see what I look like; thank you Mark McCoy!  Mark, a professional photographer, lives next door; how lucky is that! In fact I am lucky to live in a neat little art community where folks just help one another. We have a little group called Social Media Salon; we get together each month and over a bottle of wine, we discuss the ins and outs of the ever changing social media. This past week my blogs were critiqued and thus I am tweaking. Thanks Rachel Biel and Rose Hughes for sharing your professional experiences.
Handy Randy finished the paper craft base cabinet; so of course, I had to organize the new space.

This week was spring break at Paducah School of Art andDesign. When we return to class on Monday we will start charcoal drawing and I am very excited! I did a little charcoal work in one of Juanita Gillium’s classes at The Art Room a few years back. I loved it! This is from the class.

I did take a bit of time and played with my new stamps from RubberMoon. Can’t show you what I am doing but it will be on their blog in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, hop on over to their blog and see what other artists are doing with the cool RubberMoon stamps.
Also, this week, I have been planning an event with Kristin Williams at Ephemera Paducah with which I am very excited.  Don’t want to share it just yet as we are in the planning stage. But I will tell you, it is a project in which participants can give back to those who have given so much. Keep in touch, details coming soon!

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  1. blog is looking very very nice!!! :) Please let me know if you can actually keep those hellebores looking good for the whole weekend!!!