Friday, March 28, 2014

What, exactly, is Operation Write Home?

I’m glad you asked?  

Started in 2007 by Sandy Allnock, Operation Write Home provides quality handmade greeting cards to our nation’s deployed heroes so they can send cards to their love ones at home. As Sandy says on the web site,” there are no card shops in Afghanistan outposts.” Thousands of crafters throughout the U.S and abroad use their time and skills to craft cards which they mail to OWH.

Once the volunteers at OWH headquarters receive the cards, they triage for suitability, mail ability and quality. They send cards that may have suffered detachment to their card hospital for repairs.  After they are triaged, they are packed and mailed to overseas military bases and posts. The cards are placed in common areas for the troops to choose and send home to love ones.

Photo from OWH Facebook page.

While the cards are very much appreciated by our troops, they also acknowledge another layer of heroes, the families holding down the home front, waiting for their dad, husband, son, daughter, brother, or sister to return. Thinking how awesome it must feel for a mom to receive an unexpected Mother’s Day card from her son/daughter in a war zone, I totally enjoyed making these to contribute.

Want to join the efforts of other appreciative crafters? Visit the OWH web site for details. It is very important you read the details carefully. Did you know loose glitter on a uniform could draw attention from the enemy? Would you want to receive a card from your boyfriend or husband with another woman’s handwritten sentiment? These are very important details!
There is a bonus on the OWH website; over 100 card making tutorials and videos!
I am very excited to team up with Kristin Williams at Ephemera Paducah to host a OWH Card Making Event on Saturday, April 19. Detailed information will be on the Ephemera Paducah Workshop and Events calendar.  You can also message me on Facebook or email me at
I just learned, Kristen Powers from RubberMoon Stamps want to donate stamps!
Now, I must get to the studio and make cards!