Saturday, March 8, 2014

This Week in The Underground

This Week in the Underground

Most of the time in The Underground this week was spent painting me, the floor and the base cabinet. (HR says he always buys extra paint when I am doing the painting.) Messy as it/I was, the base cabinet for the paper craft area is completed and waiting for the counter top to be installed.

That would have happened today, but it would have been very treacherous for HR and me to carry the counter top down this slippery slope.


We live in a 1930 something cottage style house where originally the garage was in the basement; it is now my craft studio. There is a concrete slope, formerly the drive, to the entrance to the studio. It is in the shade so even with the warm temperatures of the past couple of days, it still remains snow and ice covered.  

The studio update will remain on hold next week as we head to Florida; no not for a relaxing beach vacation but to lend a hand to our daughter-in-law and granddaughters. They moved into a new house this week and HR’s skills and tools are needed for the fine tuning. I get to cook, do laundry, drive the girls and anything else they might need as they get settled. Actually, some of my studio time this week was spent in my kitchen preparing food to take. Love cooking for our girls and, of course, that too is a craft.

When we return, I hope to see some daffodils and hellebores blooming!
You can keep up with my garden as it wakens from this long, cold winter over on my other blog, Chrystel's Potager.


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