Saturday, January 16, 2016

Off to feed my soul!

The Wanderer is packed and we are ready to take off to a warmer climate. One of the most frequent questions I get is, do I miss my studio when traveling. The answer is yes, but I manage to get my crafting fix.  I have a craft space instead of a studio.

The last time out I misjudged how much time I would have for crafting ( I was also reading a Civil War historical fiction series) and took too many supplies. I didn't accomplish much because I hopped back and forth between projects (and was reluctant to put the books down.) For this trip, I have decided to focus on the following four crafts. Focus? Really that is not something that is often associated with me!

Here is my plan:

I received a Photoshop Elements 14 update for Christmas. My previous version was PSE 10, so I have a lot of new features to explore. I hope to do some digital art that I can use when I return to the studio.

I will have my pens with which to tangle and have hopes of creating some funky tangled characters. I am taking Jane Davenport’s Beautiful Faces for inspiration in drawing faces for my funky folks.                 

Of course my travel easel and charcoal is on board.

I am also taking my recently acquired 1953 Singer Featherweight as well as my Silhouette Portrait. We will be spending the month of March in Florida near the granddaughters. I think they are making a list of all the things we can make while we are there.

In addition to crafting, my other passion is reading (bet you didn't see that coming,) especially historical novels. I can get so caught up in a story I can easily ignore chores and can read all night. So, due to my lack of discipline, I do not allow myself to read at home. However when on the road, well why not.

So, how can I put down my books and focus on my crafting? I am going to make a commitment to post on this blog at the end of each week showing my projects for that week. (We will see how well this plays out!)

Keeping to my word of the year, I am off to feed my soul!

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