Thursday, January 14, 2016

Feeding my Soul

This week, my friend Kathy joined me in The Underground. She wants to adopt our Tipsy Tuesday tradition and needed a flag. We used the Silhouette Portrait to cut a stencil from freezer paper which we ironed to a burlap flag.

Craft paint was used for the stenciling.

HR agreed to come down to take some photos while we were working. He waited a good 30-40 minutes so we would be in the thick of things. Guess what, we had been so busy talking, we hadn’t even started! Nothing feeds my soul more than spending time with the ones I love!

What, you may ask, is Tipsy Tuesday? Head on over to our Living Richly in Retirement blog to find out.

You can see more of my stencil projects on a previous post here.

For more information on making freezer paper stencil, check out Silhouette School blog.

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