Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Distractions

My Friday chores are waiting.

Late yesterday afternoon my pizza box of stamps arrived from Club Scrap.
They were as described, 13-inch pizza box, double layered, 50 total (two duplicates) for $40 (plus $13 postage.)
I had to try all 48 stamps.

I ordered on them October 28th, received them on October 31. A note was included stating $20 was sent to OperationWrite Home.
It is Friday so it is yard-sale day, right? I only spent $2.50 this week. I bought 56 three inch black ceramic tiles for $2.00.

I don’t know what I will do with them. I was thinking Zentangle, maybe for a patio table. The red Sakura Identi pen did not show up but a silver paint pen worked. I wonder if they make a white Identi pen and if it would work? Or perhaps a white china pen? Suggestions are welcomed.

Can never have enough words for mixed media projects, so I bought another Thesaurus book.
Before I could get my stamping and tile experiment completed, the mail arrived. I now have Time to Tangle with Colors to further delay my Friday chores!

Okay, maybe I will hurriedly clean the kitchen and pantry and then delve into my new book.


  1. when my hubby says, 'what more stamps', i will tell him you made me do it!
    where did you find the black tiles? would love to get some for Easter Seals project.

  2. And I will use you for an excuse :)
    I found the tile at the yard sale across from Hannah Plaza yesterday. Will be on the lookout for more for you.

  3. and I thought I did well at Michael's when I bought one stamp and got one free. That was a great haul!!!!!!