Wednesday, March 4, 2015

And the work goes on.

We are making progress. If the weather cooperates, new counters will be installed this weekend. Why is the weather a factor? The entrance to the studio, which once was a garage below our 1930-something home, has a significant slope. It has been covered with snow and ice for the past two weeks, until I was able to scrape in clean yesterday. This is the only way to get large items (like the cabinet below and the 6 and10-ft counter tops into the studio.) As I write this post, there is a steady downpour of rain which is predicted to turn into ice and up to 8-inches of snow. My optimistic friends assure me this accumulation will melt in a day or two. Fingers are crossed!
About this cabinet;

I asked HR to build something to hold my portfolios and large drawing pads and with a shelf to store my drawing box. This is what he came up with; a 72-inch cabinet with four shelves, three are adjustable. His rationale; “I knew you would want more storage space and I would just as soon build it now than later.” Does this man know me or what? 


  1. We hope the snow will melt! Your studio is going to be awesome.

  2. Hope you are doing a lot of art during these snowed-in days, Carol!