Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 2 of The Creative Cloth Bag Project

Linda Matthews shared tips on tye-dyeing a pre-made bag on her weekly Creative Cloth Bag post. I decided to take what I learned from the previous week’s Thirty Minute Tote Bag tutorial and make another bag out of muslin.

Using Tulip One-Step Tye Dye kit, I followed Linda’s instructions and dyed this bag. I love the colors and it was so much fun!

I had way too much dye mixed for just one bag so I looked around the studio and found some other things that needed color.

This is my favorite!

I still have left-over dye. The kit says the dye will “lose concentration and will result in noticeably weaker color intensity” if not used within 45 minutes of mixing. I can’t bear to just throw it away, so when I have a few minutes I may use the left-over dye to color some muslin, hoping for pastel colors. If I don’t like the color, I can cover it in a variety of ways.  


  1. what a fun project.....and wasn't the day perfect for this kind of outdoor thing????? Me? I was cleaning out the house....and making piles to disappear. Not nearly as much fun!