Monday, January 12, 2015

Want to see my French Seam?

I loved making this simple little bag and I learned so much!

Linda Matthews at CreativeCloth has proclaimed 2015 to be the Year of the Creative Cloth Bag. Each Wednesday on her blog, she will be sharing “articles, tutorials, as well as some favorite tips and techniques that make bag-making easy, fun and creative.” She began last Wednesday by posting a SuperSimple Thirty Minute Tote Bag.  Perfect for a non-sewer like me! I have followed Linda’s blog for several years, mainly because I am fascinated by her artistic talent in dying cloth, creating thread art and digital printing on fabric. She is very generous in sharing her projects and free tutorials on her blog. I am so looking forward to Wednesdays, hoping at some point I can create an artist bag!

For the first time since I bought my simple Brother sewing machine (probably 5-years ago), I had a need to change the presser foot. Wow, how simple was that! I attached the blind hem stitch foot to guide the top stitching on the straps; much neater top stitching I must say.

I learned to make a sturdy strap without using an interfacing.

But my favorite lesson is creating a French hem. 

This is so neat! (I can hear the duh!’s from my quilt and fabric artist friends, but really I did not know to do this!)

Local friends, please indulge me if I slide up to you in the market and say “want to see my French seam.” It’s the little things, right?

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