Friday, October 10, 2014

Not Such a Crafty Week

It has been one of those weeks when it seems like nothing is turning out as I had planned.
I played a little with some polymer clay and thought I was really creating something special. Nope, the earrings ended up looking like a middle school craft project. But I do think I see some possibilities; maybe I should view the basic polymer clay tutorial I bought from Cindy Lietz before I continue.
I do a lot of stenciling and I think I am pretty good; however I was helping Kristin at Ephemera Paducah stencil some aprons and bleed, bleed, bleed! I know, I am spoiled with my Silhouette freezer paper stencils. Okay, I decided this would be a good opportunity to try the Silhouette PixScan mat I bought a few weeks ago. So I snapped a photo of the stencil with my iPhone, emailed it to myself. I should be able to print the photo, place it within the registrations marks, photograph it again and send it to through my Portrait to cut a freezer paper stencil, right?  No not exactly, apparently I have to calibrate the phone camera first. Cheez, this is more complicated than I thought………I’ll do it later.

And that Silhouette Chalk Board Vinyl I was sure I would win from Craft Storage Ideas with HR’s beautiful stamp cabinet………..didn’t.
But the week was not a total bust; I used a tutorial on to use some scrap paper to make this pretty little card.
I also made this Thank You card.

It is acually prettier than it looks. I must take time to watch the video about blogging I purchased from Alisa Burke! Hopefully I will learn more about taking photos for the blog.

I find myself with a rare Friday night at home alone. I think I will pour a glass of wine, put on some jazz and work on the projects that have been on my work table for a while. Maybe I will create something worth posting!

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