Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cuff Bracelet Experiment

Here are the results of my experiment using tongue depressors as a substrate for cuff bracelets. The biggest drawback is keeping them from relaxing and loosing the curve.
After soaking in water over night, the tongue depressors were bent and molded to the inside of a glass and left to dry. I read several tutorials that said to boil them in water for about an hour and place them inside the glass while they are still warm. I did these while shop sitting at Ephemera Paducah and didn't have access to boiling water.

This one I made using bits and pieces from the scrap/ephemera box at the shop. I would like it if it were more rounded.

Here is one on which I used polymer clay.

For stitchers, I see possibilities. (Note I am definitely not a stitcher .)

See what I mean about loosing it's shape? I used papers I had painted earlier in the week. To me this one looks very "crafty."

For some reason, this one has held its shape. It is waiting for inspiration to strike for embellishment.
Conclusion: The experiment is something I have wanted to try and I am glad I did. While I see some potential, I don't think the technique will remain in my repertoire.

I welcome comments from other crafters. Have you used this technique? Any ideas on preventing the loss of the shape?

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