Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My First (but not last) Handcraft Swap

I knew when the invitation was hand delivered it would be a really fun event!
We were hand chosen to participate with an elite group of local artists and crafters (yes that is what our hosts told us.) Chosen! Elite! Wow! When I saw the list of invites, I had to wonder how I, a crafter just emerging from the underground, was so lucky to be included.

So how did this work, well let me explain. We were each asked to bring 10 hand crafted items; it could be any craft as long as we made it. Each artisan displayed their crafts on a section of long tables. With a number system devised by our hosts, we were each assigned a number. When our number was called we told about our crafts; the next number on the list got to choose first from those craft items.
Where did this event take place? At Ephemera Paducah, of course!
It was such a fun afternoon and I came home with some really neat handcrafted treasures.

It is really hard to say which is my favorite. I really like these bracelets and know I will wear them a lot.

I have admired my friend, Stephanie’s knitted aluminum earrings for some time and was delighted not only that she brought them to the swap but they were still available when it became my time to choose. Unfortunately, I wore them yesterday and one is missing. I will not say lost because I have hopes it will turn up. If not the remaining one will make a nice pendant.  Stephanie blogs over at Wooly Thyme.
 And what isn’t to love about Carol’s art journal!

I think I will add some of my favorite quotes to some of the pages.
So what did I contribute? Well that will be another post. Here is a hint; it involved burlap and my Silhouette Portrait.

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