Saturday, May 17, 2014

Etching with Diane Cook

I love being a shop girl for a mixed media store and working studio! It is fascinating to meet local artisans as well as popular artists featured in magazines like Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Sunset Studio. But for a crafter with an addiction, well let’s just say it provides fuel.  Working at Ephemera Paducah last month I fell in love with Diane Cook’s etched jewelry. It was displayed along with information about her upcoming workshop. I really liked those bracelets! I told HR about them but said I really can’t get interested in yet another craft. Well, after a few conversations with him about how cool I thought they were, he suggested I just take the class and think of it, not as acquiring a new craft, but buying a nice piece of jewelry that I made myself. In fact, he said he would pay for the class as an early birthday gift. Well, that made perfect sense to me. So I spent yesterday etching brass, copper and nickel! Oh my, was that fun! And here is, not a piece of nice jewelry, but 4 pieces made by yours truly!

So, how did that work with my addiction? Well let’s just say I have checked the price for muriatic acid, know Amazon carries liver of sulfur solution and am trying to convince Kristin she needs a metal punch set in the studio.

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