Sunday, February 7, 2016

Meet a couple more of my Funky Girls. I believe they are a bit of improvement over the previous week's attempt. I get a bit of a charge in seeing them develop as I draw.

I saw on a photo of a artist on the Featherweight 221 and 222 Facebook page sewing at a picnic table in a campground. The weather here in Arizona has not been that conducive, but I did get out my Featherweight to make this little phone sleeve.

The highlight of my crafting this week was a Susan Lenart Kazmerworkshop at the Tucson Mineral and Rock Show. As you may know, Susan is the creator of Ice Resin; this workshop was on using Ice Resin in transparency. A lot of information was shared during the 3-hour workshop. I left with several different components and a mind spinning, trying to process it all. Susan was very generous with supplies, ephemera and knowledge. The show is HUGE with hundreds of jewelry related venders and lot's of workshops. Knowing what to expect, I am hoping to return next year and spend more time (and I'm sure more money.)
Sorry about the poor photography here. 

Feathers coated with Ice Resin.

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