Friday, December 18, 2015

Ice Resin

who knew this could be so much fun!

Ice Resin is a two-part epoxy that dries clear. It claims to be jewelry grade and will last a life-time. If you have used epoxy you know it is important to get both parts, the resin and the hardener, equal.  I used the 1-oz. kit with a dual plunger, which makes it easy to get the the portions equal. It also has a cap if you don't need the entire amount.

Want more details, click here.

It was great fun using on dominoes!

Top left is a domino with scrapbook paper and a selection from a dictionary; top right is a domino tangled with an Identi pen; the bottom row shows scrapbook paper, computer generated script and a little embedded jewel. 
Works well on polymer clay.

and on wood. The one on the left is a wood blank with scrapbook paper, the one on the right is a stamped wood disk.
My attempt at resin and transparency, obviously I need to work on this. 

So, what an I going to do with all of these baubles? I think they make pretty neat gift tags, of course there is always jewelry and bag embellishments.

Resin in bezels. The ones in the center have little objects embedded, the others are scrapbook paper.
Phone sleeve with a domino covered with fabric and resin.

To resin left over I added a bit of Lumiere paint and poured into molds. 
What will I do with these little beauties? I have no idea, suggestions are welcomed. 

This is what I have been doing in the studio these past few weeks.

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